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June 2016
Brief notes on other Books authored/edited by IIMA faculty included in this issue
  • Depersonalized Bullying at Work
    New York: Springer, 2015

    Premilla D’Cruz

    The book advances the nascent concept of depersonalized workplace bullying, highlighting its distinctive features, proposing a theoretical framework and making recommendations for intervention. Furthering insights into depersonalized bullying at work is critical due to the anticipated increased incidence of the phenomenon in the light of the competitive contemporary business economy, which complicates organizational survival.

    Drawing on ...

  • Leadership Lessons from the Military
    New Delhi: Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd., 2014

    Dheeraj Sharma

    Leadership Lessons from the Military articulates what lessons from military leadership can be applied to the business context and how to go about it. The book shows how executives can leverage time-tested military practices to create lasting competitive advantage.  Business leaders can learn how military leaders tie individual goals with the organizational goals, resulting in a ...

  • Energy Policies for Low Carbon Sustainable Transport in Asia
    Energy Policy, 2015

    P. R. Shukla and Subash Dhar

    Transformation of Asia's transport sector has vital implications for climate change, sustainable development and energy indicators. Papers in this special issue show how transport transitions in Asia may play out in different socio-economic and policy scenarios, including a low carbon scenario equivalent to 2 °C stabilization. Accounting for heterogeneity of national transport systems, these papers use ...

  • Effective People
    Gurgaon: Random House India, 2015

    T. V. Rao

    In this book, bestselling author T.V. Rao studies and analyses effective doctors, actors, civil servants, social workers, educationists, nation builders and entrepreneurs. Some of them seem to go beyond the tenets of effectiveness and shine out as what the author calls Very Effective People and Super Effective People.

  • Contracts and Arbitration for Managers
    Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2016

    Anurag K. Agarwal

    This book presents contracts and arbitration from a business perspective. The book targets managers and engineers – who do not have a formal law education– but grapple with issues related with contracts and arbitration very often. It will help them in dealing with these issues while making strategic business decisions.

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